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SOLVED: SwiftUI - List unique identifier

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I've got a little doubt about the list items in a SwiftUI List.

As far as I understood, a list item should implement "Identifiable" protocol.

I've also seen some examples about lists with the following constructor: List(myCollection, id:\.self){...} where myCollection's items don't conform to Identifiable.

Could somebody explain to me the meaning of \.self ? Does it replace the needs to conform to Identifiable for items in myCollection ? Why ?


Giuseppe Rossi


Identfiable structs require a id constant so you dont need to express the id .self when calling it. The id: .self just uses the piece of data itself to identify itself from others. So therefore you dont have to conform to identifiable if you declare the id itself. One useful trick is creating a struct and using UUID()

struct StructName: Identifiable { let id = UUID() var name = "" . . . In this way swift creates a unique id for each piece of data you create. hope this helps, i was very confused about this for a long time too


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