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SwiftUI as a drawing board for printer label designer

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How can I use SwiftUI as a drawing board for a printer label designer? I want to combine views (or add multiple views to a parent view) for different images, text and barcode etc. (after the user select what they want to design and print).

Currently I have put different views (separate view for image, text, barcode etc) inside an instance of TabView and use the tabItem() modifier for each view. I tried using different stacks (ZStack, HStack) but it does not work.

I also want to create a bounding box for each view/object created and have it resized when the user resize the image/text.

Here is part of the code for the label designer with only text:

var body: some View { ZStack(alignment: .center) { ZStack(alignment: .topTrailing) //Label Design Area { Rectangle() .opacity(0.3) .offset(x:0,y:0) .frame(width: (LabelWidth mmTOpt), height: (LabelHeight mmTOpt))
ZStack() { TextField("", text: $Text1) .offset(x:offsetx + location.x , y:offsety + location.y) .multilineTextAlignment(.center) .submitLabel(.done) // changed to IOS 15 .font(Font.custom(fontused, size: fontsize)) .disabled(tfdisabled) .gesture(simpleDrag.simultaneously(with: fingerDrag)) .underline(textunderlined) .bold(textbold) .italic(textitalic) .strikethrough(textstrikethrough)

I tried to combine the image view using HStack with the following code:

HStack(alignment: .center) { PhotosPicker(selection: $selectedItem, matching: .images, photoLibrary: .shared()) { Text("Select a photo") } …….

Is there any other methods I can use?


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