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Structs and Property Wrappers

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One thing that I still have a hard time processing is the seeming contradiction that Views are structs, but to get around the normal restriction of a struct being immutable, you can use a property wrapper like @State to allow you to write to that property. I read this article about structs: https://www.hackingwithswift.com/books/ios-swiftui/why-does-swiftui-use-structs-for-views

But it doesn't address this point of using property wrappers to get around the immutable state of structs. Is there another article that goes into this in more detail?



Thanks, this paragraph helps me understand what's going on:

When we put @State before a property, we effectively move its storage out from our struct and into shared storage managed by SwiftUI. This means SwiftUI can destroy and recreate our struct whenever needed (and this can happen a lot!), without losing the state it was storing.


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