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SOLVED: string interpolation

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Hi guys!

A couple of questions whilst im learning swift/swiftui/swiftui 2.0 lol. I know its possible to be able to load a txt file top a string as ive been following the 100 days of swiftUI and loving it. But i have an idea for an app and was wondering if you could have string interpolation inside the txt file so I can have custom questions that fill the string interpolation? I'm trying to find the best way to handle making a madlibs type app to teach myself stuff.

Thanks heaps guys!!


That's not really possible. You can load a string and you can do a find/replace on the contents of the string, but you can't do string interpolation on the loaded string.

And, if you think about it, that's a good thing. What if your loaded string contains \(someVar) but your code doesn't have someVar to interpolate into the string? If you do it in a string literal in your code, then the compiler will flag that someVar doesn't exist but it can't do that if the string is loaded in from a file because it doesn't know what's in the string until it's loaded. So what should happen?



Thanks for replying. That makes sense. so can I use a txt file or a json file and have replace certain unique keywords that are within the string with variables from texfields etc... to make a new edited string to use.

thanks again.


Quick update, I thought I'd let you kn ow what I did to fix it.

I used replacingOccurrences(of:) and used keyword in the story within the JSON file. Now I can control whats in each story by editing the JSON file and not have a new view for each story. Very good. Thanks all :)


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