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Stack view z MapView Joystick Buttons

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First of all Thanks very much! This site has been a wealth of information! I Need some direction though. Basically I'd like to build two analogue joystick buttons on screen for my Ipad and have a the view of those buttons zstacked ontop of a Mapview. I'm thinking I can draw an image or images in Illustrator for my buttons with some transparency and then use Spritkit to deploy the buttons via assets folder, but I'm not sure if that's the best approach, given that I found a Joystick app on Github, which uses Spritekit, but I see no way of Zstacking the button views ontop of my mapview and making the background of the Joystick view transparent. For now the application /buttons is to be used to longrange bluetooth to my lawnmore for control so when my lawnmore (GPS) moves I can see th blue dot moves on Mapview.

Even if I start off building a basic gaming app which allows me to do little rings across the screen and has a Hello World I don't see anyway of making the black background transparent and putting a vew behind it. If I could figure out that, then that would help a lot.


Thanks I've kind of figured it out. Still a lot to learn though. I'm getting through the 100 days tutorials, but it's a 100 days. Time waits for no man etc etc. I'm somewhat binge watching it sometimes. When I have the time. I'm not new to programming, just new to SwiftUI. I have not encountered the Mapview Tutorials in the 100 days yet. That's awesome now that I know they are coming though. There's one Mapview on Apples tutorial website, which has helped, but then you look at the Spritekit well at least this demo I have here and it inherits from UIViewController rather than View so this is what was slightly confusing.

One last quesiton if you don't mind answering. The AppDelegate file that comes with a standard games app. This file does not come with a regular swift app. Is it an old way of programming or is there a specific reason that way of programming is in the games app?

Thanks again for the help!



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