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Show and Update MKPolygon on a Map

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Hello, I have an app which is connected to an MQTT Broker. Via the MQTT Broker the app receives a JSON, let's call it a field, containing an array of lat/lng points, id and a name. Subscription to the specific topic works, there is a class type which inherts from MKPolygon in order to store the points, the id and the name.

I have created the basic mapkit setup ( as it is shown here on hacking with swift in one of the tutorials)

My question is, where do I put the code which handles the creation of the overlay and especially where do I put the code when a new field is received via the mqtt broker?

Here is my basic mqtt class which connects and listens for messages:

class MqttData: ObservableObject, CocoaMQTTDelegate
    @Published public var fieldPolygon: FieldPolygon = FieldPolygon()

    init() {
        let clientID = "CocoaMQTT-" + String(ProcessInfo().processIdentifier)
        let websocket = CocoaMQTTWebSocket(uri: "/mqtt")
        let mqtt = CocoaMQTT(clientID: clientID, host: "xxx", port: 9001, socket: websocket)
        mqtt.username = "xxx"
        mqtt.password = "xxx"
        mqtt.keepAlive = 60
        mqtt.delegate = self

    func mqtt(_ mqtt: CocoaMQTT, didConnectAck ack: CocoaMQTTConnAck) {
        if (ack == .accept) {
            debugPrint("MQTT connection accepted!")
            mqtt.subscribe("#", qos: CocoaMQTTQoS.qos0)

    func mqtt(_ mqtt: CocoaMQTT, didPublishMessage message: CocoaMQTTMessage, id: UInt16) {


    func mqtt(_ mqtt: CocoaMQTT, didPublishAck id: UInt16) {


    func mqtt(_ mqtt: CocoaMQTT, didReceiveMessage message: CocoaMQTTMessage, id: UInt16) {

        let topic = message.topic
        guard let msg = message.string else {
        let data = Data(msg.utf8)

        if ("/hmi/field_select" == topic) {
            self.fieldSelectHandler(data: data)

    func mqtt(_ mqtt: CocoaMQTT, didSubscribeTopics success: NSDictionary, failed: [String]) {

    func mqtt(_ mqtt: CocoaMQTT, didUnsubscribeTopics topics: [String]) {

    func mqttDidPing(_ mqtt: CocoaMQTT) {

    func mqttDidReceivePong(_ mqtt: CocoaMQTT) {

    func mqttDidDisconnect(_ mqtt: CocoaMQTT, withError err: Error?) {

    func fieldSelectHandler(data: Data) {
        Task {
            do {
                let fieldData = try JSONDecoder().decode(FieldData.self, from: data)
                let field = try await APIManager.shared.loadFieldData(fieldId: fieldData.fieldId)

                var points: [CLLocationCoordinate2D] = []
                for coordinate in field.coords {
                    points.append(CLLocationCoordinate2DMake(, coordinate.lng))

                self.fieldPolygon = FieldPolygon(coordinates: &points, count: points.count)
                self.fieldPolygon.fieldId =

            } catch {
                debugPrint("fieldSelectHandler Exception: \(error)")

Here is the parent view which integrates the map view

struct HmiMapView: View {

  @EnvironmentObject var mqttData: MqttData

  var body: some View {
    MapView(mqttFieldPolygon: mqttData.fieldPolygon)

MapView here is a basic implementation (UIViewRepresentable / Coordinator / MKMapViewDelegate)

My first try was to create a private member within my MapView struct, store the polygon within the private member and create a overlay and add it to the map. Whenever a further polygon is received via MQTT, I need to check - has the map already a overlay, if true check if the id is the same and if not, delete the old overlay and create a new one.

So where does this functionality typically exists? But the MapView struct should (or could) not have a private member var.

Regards Marcus


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