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Hello all,

I am trying to create a hyperlink in SwiftUI using ShareLink. I know that the item you provide to ShareLink must conform to Transferable and that AttributedString conforms to that protocol. However, when I create my attrbuted string I get the hyperlink just fine when sharing via email, but if I share via text message it just shows the words with no hyperlink. I know other apps do this just fine in Text messages, like my 1Password does.

Here is my code:

var tappableLink: AttributedString {
    let markDownLink = try! AttributedString(markdown: "[Download \(card.appData.trackName ?? "Unknown App Name")](\(card.appData.trackViewURL!))")
    return markDownLink

Heres where I use it with ShareLink

    item: tappableLink,
    subject: Text(LocalizedAppConstants.shareAppLinkSubject),
    message: Text(LocalizedAppConstants.shareingAppLinkBody),
    preview: SharePreview(
        image: SFImage.shareApp.image
    label: {
        Label("Share App Link", systemImage: "square.and.arrow.up")

Can anyone help me with getting a hyperlink that says Download <INSERT APP NAME> so that in text or email it works the same. I cannot seem to find out why the above is not working in text message.

Thanks, Taz


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