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Determine if ShareLink was successful or not.

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Does anyone know if the new ShareLink has an onDismiss or some sort of completion handler. I've been unable to find one and wasn't sure if I was missing something?

What I'm trying to do is determine when the share sheet the ShareLink brings up gets cancelled or the user chose to share whatever your sharing. I just need to know if I shared or cancelled, because i need to do something based on being successful. I need to update coredata and dismiss the sheet. The only thing i can come up with is the following, just not sure its a good solution?

ShareLink(item: urlForProgramsPDF(), subject: Text(LocalizedAppConstants.emailSubject), message: Text(createEmailMessageBody()))
  .onReceive(timer) { _ in
      // The only way I could get the view to dismiss. I give 10 seconds
      // and then the view will dismiss
      if progress < 10 {
          progress += 1
      } else {




Does anyone know if you can detect if the sharelink was successful, I need to be able to determine that if possible?


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