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Setting Map coords in generic view?

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Hi all, I have a generic detail view where I want to view a different location (lat/long) each time it is called. Is there a simple way to set the hardcoded CLLocationCoordinate2D coords when the view starts?

@State private var region = MKCoordinateRegion(
        center: CLLocationCoordinate2D(latitude: 37.334_900,
                                       longitude: -122.009_020),
        latitudinalMeters: 750,
        longitudinalMeters: 750

The map is not interactable / dragable, its just a fixed view showing a set location.


Is it randomly different or you want to pass in different specific coordinates each time?


Hi, its a detail view so I pass in a struct with long/lat each time. In the example above I want to replace "37.334" and "-122.009" with the values from that struct each time I display the detail view.


Create the MKCoordinateRegion in the initializer of your Detail View with the data of your struct?


You've marked your region variable as private. So, you can not pass in values to this variable from a parent or external view. Perhaps you should share more of your DetailView code and explain what you're trying to accomplish?

You've been a member of HWS+ for 20+ months, so explaining @State might be too basic for you?

Please show code with comments, and let us know what you're trying to accomplish.


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