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SOLVED: Section headers for a dynamic list

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Please, how can I create section headers for a dynamic list I'm fetching from Firestore. My model struct is:

struct MatchItem: Identifiable{
    var id: Int
    var localTeam: String
    var visitorTeam: String
    var minute: Int
    var status: String
    var timestamp: Date
    var league_id: Int

I have an array of MatchItem created thus:

var todaysLlist = [MatchItem]()

And my List is created like this:

List(todaysLlist){matchItem in
                    TodaysMatchItemCell(matchItem: matchItem)


Please how can I group the array using the league_id property and create section headers in my list. Thank you very much.



i would suggest first breaking out your todaysLlist into a dictionary, grouping by league_id:

let groups = Dictionary(grouping: todaysLlist, by: { $0.league_id })

the groups variable has the type [Int : [MatchItem]], where the keys of the dictionary are the values of league_id, and the values of the dictionary are arrays of MatchItems sharing the same league_id.

but you'll want to restructure this data into an array that can be used in a ForEach to produce sections. the simplest way to do this is to define a computed variable in your View with all of this together:

var groupData: [[MatchItem]] {
  let groups = Dictionary(grouping: todaysLlist, by: { $0.league_id })
  var returnData = [[MatchItem]]()
  for leagueID in groups.keys { // you may want to use groups.keys.sorted(), else the order is unpredictable
  return returnData

now you can display the data in a View:

List {
  ForEach(groupData) { group in 
    Section(header: headerFor(group: group)) {
      ForEach(group) { matchItem in
        // display the view of matchItem

the function to get the header for each group of MatchItems is simple: pick any on the MatchItems and read its league_id, because all of the MatchItems in the group have the same league_id. something like this:

func headerFor(group: [MatchItem]) -> some View {
  Text("league with id \(group[0].league_id)")

hope that gives you enough to work with,


  • (slight edits were made above about 15 minutes after the intial posting to correct some naming issues)


Wow. This solves my problem. You are really appreciated. Thank you so much :D :)


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