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Scrolling List in EditMode "loses" the selection that goes offscreen

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Hi guys,

I'm encountering an unexpected behavior when I select a bunch of cells in a List in EditMode. If I select some cells those get offscreen they get deselected when I scroll back. As far as I understand it's a 14.2-14.4 iOS bug (hopefully not 14.5) but I could not find a solution / workaround. Did you get the same behavior and if so, did you get to work properly? Thank you!


            List(selection: $selection) {
                ForEach(days, id: \.self) { day in
                    Section(header: Text(day, style: .date).font(.title3)) {
                        ForEach(scansByDate[day]!, id: \.self) { scan in
                        .onDelete { indexSet in
                            let key = scansByDate[day]![indexSet.first!]
                            if let index = modelData.scans.firstIndex(of: key) {
                                modelData.scans.remove(at: index)
                    } //end of Section
                } // end of OuterForEach
            } //end of List
            .environment(\.editMode, .constant(isEditing ? : EditMode.inactive)).animation(Animation.spring())

Console Error (sadly could not understand much):

Attempted to call -cellForRowAtIndexPath: on the table view while it was in the process of updating its visible cells, which is not allowed. Make a symbolic breakpoint at UITableViewAlertForCellForRowAtIndexPathAccessDuringUpdate to catch this in the debugger and see what caused this to occur. Perhaps you are trying to ask the table view for a cell from inside a table view callback about a specific row? Table view: <_TtC7SwiftUIP33_BFB370BA5F1BADDC9D83021565761A4925UpdateCoalescingTableView: 0x11f0c3e00; baseClass = UITableView; frame = (0 0; 428 926); clipsToBounds = YES; gestureRecognizers = <NSArray: 0x6000018192f0>; layer = <CALayer: 0x6000016fd040>; contentOffset: {0, 74.333333333333329}; contentSize: {428, 997.33333333333337}; adjustedContentInset: {91, 0, 83, 0}; dataSource: <_TtGC7SwiftUIP10$1b47672b819ListCoreCoordinatorGVS_20SystemListDataSourceV10ScanTheBar4Scan_GOS_19SelectionManagerBoxS3___: 0x11e73d0f0>>

Screen recording of the issue:


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