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Recreating a Social Media Feed

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So basically i was trying to understand how to recreate a social media feed. While i was working with Image objects it was simple I had one image array and i just used a foreach loop for the feed.

array = [ImagePost]()

ForEach(vm.array) { post in

   NewImagePost(post: post)


So now I have three arrays

let array1 = [ImagePost]()
let array2 = [VideoPost]()
let array3 = [TweetPost]()

And now how do i incorporate three different objects? I have different objects for NewVideo and Newtweets. How can i use a foreach loop to create a Chronological feed. (I have a different NewImagePost, NewVideoPost, NewTweetPost and I dont want to incorporate all of them into one object with an enum) What are some other solutions? Thank you very much.


You could try make a protocol

protocol Post {
    var id: UUID { get }
    var date: Date { get set }
    var description: String { get set }

Then you structs have this protocol

struct ImagePost: Post {
    let id = UUID()
    var date: Date
    var description: String

struct VideoPost: Post {
    let id = UUID()
    var date: Date
    var description: String

struct TweetPost: Post {
    let id = UUID()
    var date: Date
    var description: String

Then the arrays of each type (note that i used Date.now for each date just for demo)

let imagePosts = [
    ImagePost(date: Date.now, description: "ImagePost1"),
    ImagePost(date: Date.now, description: "ImagePost2")

let videoPosts = [
    VideoPost(date: Date.now, description: "VideoPost1"),
    VideoPost(date: Date.now, description: "VideoPost2")

let tweetPosts = [
    TweetPost(date: Date.now, description: "TweetPost1"),
    TweetPost(date: Date.now, description: "TweetPost2")

Now you can combine them

var combinePosts: [Post] {
    imagePosts + videoPosts + tweetPosts

Now you can use in List or ForEach

var body: some View {
    List(combinePosts, id: \.id) { post in

PS once you have the combinePost you can then sort it by date.


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