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Pop multiple views off a navigation stack

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I have a tabbed view where one of the tabs takes the user through a number of "Add Item" screens, which are part of a Navigation Stack. The general workflow is as follows:

Tab - Add Item Home -> Add Item selected -> Enter item name (Screen #1) -> Next -> Enter Item details (Screen #2) -> Next -> Enter Item details (Screen #3) -> Done

When the user selects Done I would like to pop all of teh views off the navigation stack and return to the 'Add Item Home' screen. I know I can use

 @Environment(\.presentationMode) var mode: Binding<PresentationMode>

combined with


to dismiss one screen (the equivalent of pressing back) but how do I pop all views from Navigation stack?


I too, wonder if there's a way to go about doing this without just rendering a view programmatically.

Right now, I just have an if/else in my code that wraps the whole thing...

if (self.showHomeView) {
} else {
  // Some other view that is nested deeply in my app but when this page is done I want to go back to the home view
  VStack {
    Text("Hello world")


Just found this stack overflow and the first answer seems to be a good one


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