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Parameters from closures

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Good day.

guys tell me how to get values from closures?

import UIKit

typealias searchResults = [String: Bool]
let person = "🙆‍♂️"

func actions(availabilityPerson: @escaping() -> searchResults) -> String {

    // Parameters from closures
    return "Yes"

var ss = actions { () -> searchResults in
    searchPerson(person: person)

func searchPerson(person: String?) -> searchResults {
    var result = ["key": false]
    guard let person = person, !person.isEmpty else {
        result["key"] = true
        return result
    return result


What is it you are trying to do? This code doesn't make a lot of sense as is.


get arguments from the closure


That's... unhelpful. Please explain what it is you are trying to accomplish with this code. "get arguments from the closure" is how you are trying to accomplish whatever you are trying to accomplish, not what.


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