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New ShareLink with custom type is not working

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Hi everyone!

I want to share audio files with the new ShareLink in SwiftUI. I've a Recording entity from Core Data, witch store the URL from the audio file and the file itself is store in the FileManger. I already make Recording to conform Transferable protocol.

But in the line of the Sharelink appears an error compiler: "No exact matches in call to initializer".

Here is the code:

Recording entity:

extension Recording {

    @nonobjc public class func fetchRequest() -> NSFetchRequest<Recording> {
        return NSFetchRequest<Recording>(entityName: "Recording")

    @NSManaged public var date: Date
    @NSManaged public var id: UUID
    @NSManaged public var url: String
    @NSManaged public var title: String


extension Recording : Identifiable, Transferable {
    // Transferable protocol
    static var containerUrl = try! FileManager.default.url(for: .documentDirectory, in: .userDomainMask, appropriateFor: nil, create: true)

    public static var transferRepresentation: some TransferRepresentation {
        FileRepresentation(exportedContentType: .audio) { audio in
            SentTransferredFile(URL(string: audio.url)!)


struct AudioPlayerView: View {

@ObservedObject var recording: Recording

  var body: some View {
        NavigationStack {
            VStack(spacing: 20){

                VStack {
                    Text("\(, format: .dateTime)")
     .toolbar {
           ToolbarItem(placement: .navigationBarLeading) {
               ShareLink(item: recording) { // This line gives the error: No exact matches in call to initializer 
                   Image(systemName: "square.and.arrow.up")

Any idea? I have tried to simplify the code so let me know if I have forgotten something. Thanks!


I realize this is a very late response, but I ran into this yesterday..

Providing a preview in the ShareLink call cleared the error. It must be required for a custom item.


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