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Totally made up data to show the issue I am having. Suppose I have some JSON returned by an API call that looks like this

 "students": [
     "id": "asdfgh",
     "name": "Gary",
     "DOB": 2000
     "id": "jklzx",
     "name": "Peter",
     "DOB": 2001
     "id": "qazwsx",
     "name": "Susan",
     "DOB": 2002

and now I want to display all the students names, in a navigation view, this links to another view that shows the name and DOB. Now if the open brace and the "students" tag and closing brace were removed, I would have no trouble decoding the data; but as they are present its causing me problems.

Any ideas on how to do this?


hi Gary,

the list of students is of type [Student] inside a struct with a field named students. this will work, where the term json is the sample String returned from your API.

struct Student: Codable {
    var id: String
    var name: String
    var DOB: Int

struct Classroom: Codable {
    var students: [Student]

let classroom = try! JSONDecoder().decode(Classroom.self, from: Data(json.utf8))
for student in classroom.students {

hope that helps,



Thanks Jerry, that helps a lot.


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