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NavigationSplitView Not Working

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Good morning all,

I am working on one of my programs that I had setup under the old NavigationView and was using a navigation style of stack. I am trying to make it work with the new NavigationSplitView so I can better utilize the screen realestate. I am getting this error and not sure why?

error build: Initializer 'init(_:rowContent:)' requires that '[Program]' conform to 'Identifiable'

I am having some trouble and I a don't know why? Under the current stack when I display the programs its sectioning them out under Scheduled & Completed. Heres the code that I use:

Sectioning what comes back from this function is an [[Program]]

    func sectionedPrograms(_ searchString: String, howManyToShow: Int) -> [[Program]] {
        // Reduce by filtering on searchTerm
        let filteredList = programs.filter { searchString.appearsIn($0.name) || searchString.appearsIn($0.date.dateText(style: .medium)) }

        // Separate out by statusText
        let dictionaryByStatus = Dictionary(grouping: filteredList, by: { $0.statusText })

        // Return the array of dictionary entries. There will be two. If both are nil, the result
        // is an empty list - and it should be.
        if let completedPrograms = dictionaryByStatus[Status.completed] {
            // If we are here then we are returning only the first howManyCompletedProgramsToShow
            let programs = Array(completedPrograms.prefix(howManyToShow))
            return [dictionaryByStatus[Status.scheduled], programs].compactMap { $0 }

        return [dictionaryByStatus[Status.scheduled]].compactMap { $0 }

View Code

        NavigationSplitView {
            GeometryReader { geo in
                ZStack {
                    VStack {
                        if dataManager.programs.isEmpty {
                            // This displays a message to user informing them that
                            // there are no programs created.
                        } else {
                            // This displays a list of all programs from CoreData
                            List(dataManager.sectionedPrograms(searchTerm, howManyToShow: howManyCompletedProgramsToShow)) { section in
                                Section(header: SectionHeaderView(headerName: section[0].statusText)) {
                                    List(section, selection: $selectedProgram) { program in
                                        ProgramsRowView(program: program)
                    } // End of VStack

                    // Places a floating action button in the bottom right of the view
                    VStack {
                        CreateNewProgramActionButton(action: { showAddNewProgram.toggle() }, proxy: geo)
                    } // End of VStack
                } // End of ZStack
                .toolbar {
                    ToolbarItem(placement: .navigationBarTrailing) {
                .fullScreenCover(isPresented: $showAddNewProgram, onDismiss: {
                }) {
                    NavigationStack {
                        AddNewProgramView(dataManager: dataManager)
            } // End of GEO Reader
        } detail: {
            if let program = selectedProgram {
                ModifyExistingProgramView(program: program, dataManager: dataManager)

I would appreciate any help or suggestions anyone has.

Thanks Taz


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