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Memory management with Core Graphics & SwiftUI

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I'm constructing a bitmap image in memory and displaying it as a SwiftUI Image. Now, the Swift objects should all get cleaned up automatically by Swift's memory management, but there are a couple of calls where Apple's documentation says that the caller is responsible for releasing some memory:

  // in application startup code, there's this:
  let colorSpace = CGColorSpaceCreateDeviceRGB()

Can I handle releasing this CGColorSpace by only creating one and letting it get collected when the application exits?

Later on, in a View struct, I build the Image whenever the array of pixel information gets updated:

    var image: Image {
        let context = CIContext()
        let ciimage = CIImage(bitmapData: makePixelData(),
                              bytesPerRow: 4 * width,
                              size: CGSize(width: width, height: height),
                              format: .ARGB8,
                              colorSpace: colorSpace)
        // This CGImage comes with documentation that says I'm responsible for releasing it!
        if let cgimage = context.createCGImage(ciimage, from: ciimage.extent) {
          // At what point is it even safe to dispose of cgimage?
            return Image(decorative: cgimage, scale: 1.0)
        } else {
            // if we're here, it means we couldn't draw the picture, so we should
            // display some kind of place holder? Or error?
            return Image(systemName: "exclamationmark.triangle.fill")


Hm. So, according to this StackOverflow question, I don't need to worry about releasing the CGImage.

However, when I attach Instruments to my app and use the leak detection tool, it does find some memory leaks, which look like they're happening whenever I update the view state, causing the image to get recreated. The size of the leak(?) is very small, though - much smaller than the array of UInt32 I'm using, so I'm not quite sure what's up. Top line, though, seems to be that the documentation comment applies only to Objective C and not to Swift.


Further investigation with Instruments and the leak detection tool reveals that the call to create a CIImage leaks an IOSurface.

Then, the call to context.createCGImage(_, from:) leaks a block of 272 bytes that malloc reserves inside CGImageCreateFromIOSurface.

The first call is inside CoreImage, while the second is in ImageIO. I hope that these leaks are just because I'm using Xcode 13 beta, but now I wonder if I should file a bug somewhere. Memory leaks are bad enough, but when they're in image rendering code, that's likely to run the system out of memory really, really fast.


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