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Hello everyone, I'm about a month into my IOS Dev journey

I started by just throwing myself into a project, but I feel as I am now hitting a ceiling.

If anyone is willing to be a mentor to me, please reach out !

Thank You


Hello, I am still relatively new to swiftui, but am willing to work with you as I find its useful to have someone you can text with or talk to in more detail once you hit a ceiling. I do have an app on the app store, and have been at it for a while. email me at skcureton@me.com and I'll give you number to text or we can figure out how to connect.


I feel the same way. I have been a professional programmer for almost 50 years in C and C++. Most of that time I have worked on MacOS. I am changing to SwiftUI and really struggling to convert from procedural to declarative programming. And there is almost nothing that goes into depth on MacOS on the internet or in any courses I have looked into. I can't help with you with IOS programming, but I can comiserate.

BTW, If you haven't seen it, Sanford University has a programming course for SwithUI on iOS. Paul Haverty is the professor. It is outstanding. He is an excellent professor/teacher and the course is FREE online (YoutTube Stanford channel) every time they update the course and it was updated 1 years ago, but is 95% relavent to todays SwiftUI. It is 16, lectures with examples and homework. And it explains how things work and not just how you do things. And all of the lectures revolve around a full app. Each lecture is 45 to 90 minutes. You do not get to turn in your work, but he reviews the homework on line normally so you can follow that too. It is the BEST bar none coruse I have seen, and it actually uses SwiftUI to do everything - unlike some courses. Also this course is perfect for beginners, Paul takes the time to expalin everything every step. And he is a excellent teacher and orator.

Here is a link to the play list.

CS193p, Developing Applications for iOS using SwiftUI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqu6BquVi2M&list=PLpGHT1n4-mAsxuRxVPv7kj4-dQYoC3VVu


And there is almost nothing that goes into depth on MacOS on the internet or in any courses I have looked into.

I can highly recommend Paul's Hacking with macOS book as a great resource:



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