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SOLVED: Limit # characters in a Textfield

Forums > SwiftUI

I want to be ablo to limit the number of characters entered in a Textfield. I've found some solutions using Combine and that works partially (this also only allows numeric characters):

TextField("Year", text: $year)
    //limit to numbers only (on all platforms) and limit to 4 chars
    .onReceive(Just(year)) { newValue in
        let filtered = newValue.filter { Set("0123456789").contains($0) }
        if filtered != newValue {
            self.year = filtered
    .onReceive(Just(year)) { _ in
        if year.count > 4 {
            year = String(year.prefix(4))

When pasting a large text it caps it neatly at 4 characters. But when. using the keyboard/pad both hardware and soft, I am able to enter more than 4!

Any tips?

EDIT: Hmmmm, on a real device it seems to work!

Would be interested in a more generic approach


This solution works kike a charm on all Texfields:

extension Binding where Value == String {
    func max(_ limit: Int) -> Self {
        if self.wrappedValue.count > limit {
            DispatchQueue.main.async {
                self.wrappedValue = String(self.wrappedValue.dropLast())
        return self


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