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Keyboard with Bottom Tab Bar Menu

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I am relatively new to programming in SwiftUI and making User Interfaces. I was able to create this UI through some youtube videos and blog posts. However, I am still having a hard time in getting the tab bar menu at the bottom to "disappear" in a sense when I click on the UITextField. How exactly would I implement this "disappearing" feature inside the current UI via code? Or do I need to design another more efficient menu for my use case? If I need to/would be better if I designed a new UI, can you provide a blog post and/or youtube video that could help in that regard? My post with code is available at this Stack Overflow post (https://stackoverflow.com/q/65913575/12696801)

Was having a hard time writing my code in the markdown tool in the editor, thus stack overflow was the go to. Any help on this would be really appreciated it!


You can actually create your own custom TabBar... there are some tutorials online for that. They should pop up as the first search results.

By doing that, you can then show them conditionally. Such as, if the keyboard is showing hide the TabBar. For that you will need to listen to a notification for the keyboard. (another search will help there).

Do note however, that this will probably get easier soon. SwiftUI is still getting implementations for things that we had in UIKit, so while currently it is not that straightforward, it should become so soon.


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