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Issues with List Section Headers in iOS 15...

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Is anyone having issues with iOS/iPadOS 15 showing Section Headers in lists with propper vertical spacing? When I slide the view with the list up from the bottom, the first Section Header overwrites the things in the list, but when I slide the view over from the side, everything is spaced correctly. Of course, this only started with iOS 15 and Xcode 13 when I upgraded everything yesterday. :)

View slid from bottom (it only affects the first Section Heading):

View slid from the side:

Here's a video of it all in motion, if that helps.

My question is whether anyone knows if there's anyway to correct this behavior, or if anyone has any tips on what I can try to make it work better. The app is already in the app store, so I guess it'll just be spacing issues for anyone who upgrades to iOS 15 until I figure it out.

The code is this:

Section(header: Text("Choose a Palette")) {
    VStack {
        LazyVGrid(columns: paletteColumns) {
            ForEach(localBalloonsArrayOfStringsPalettes, id: \.self, content: twoColorPaletteButton)


Is this only on simulator or on a real device, too? Just asking, because I wasted hours searching for a bug in my code which only happened on simulator, not on a real device.


it happens on my M1 iPad Pro as well. I haven't checked it on other devices.


I've experienced something similar in a different context, and what I took away from it was that SwiftUI was detecting a change in data and animating the change between the two.

Two things that I would try:

  1. adding a .animation(.none) to the things you don't want to have animate
  2. adding a .id(UUID()) to the relevant view so that SwiftUI interprets it as a whole new view instead of a change within a given view


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