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Is there a way to dismiss a SwiftUI view from within a SpriteView scene?

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My scene is presented like this

struct GameView: View {
    @Environment(\.presentationMode) var presentationMode: Binding<PresentationMode>

    func scene(size:CGSize) -> SKScene {
        let scene = GameScene()
        scene.size = size
        scene.scaleMode = .fill
        scene.physicsWorld.gravity =
        return scene

    var body: some View {
        GeometryReader { geometry in
            if #available(iOS 14.0, *) {
                SpriteView(scene: self.scene(size:geometry.size))
            } else {
                // Fallback on earlier versions
                Text("Game Only available from iOS 14")

In other non spriteKit views I have used self.presentationMode.wrappedValue.dismiss() to navigate back to the previous page. Is there something similar I can do in this case once the end of the game has been triggered from within the scene? (All the views are within a navigation view)



Hi, I'm stuck with the same problem. Have you find the answer?


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