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SOLVED: Is there a method to increment plotting indices by a user-defined Integer?

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For example, I would like to plot every 10th point of the arrays "xData" and "yData". I have tried playing around with "index", but recieve an error stating that "index" is immutable. Another approach I tried was to create two new data arrays decremented by the approprate value (i.e., use verey 10th element) , but that seems messy.

Data arrays defined as follows:

public let xData = [499.9,500.9,501.9,502.9,503.9,504.9,505.9,506.9,507.9,508.9,509.9,510.9,511.9,512.9,513.9,514.9,515.9...]
public let yData = [104.59,104.17,103.76,103.34,102.93,102.51,102.1,101.68,101.27,100.86,100.45,100.04,99.633,99.225,98.818...]

Swiftui code that renders a LineMark plot:

import SwiftUI
import Charts

struct ContentView: View {
        var body: some View {
        NavigationStack {
                Chart(0..<xData.count, id: \.self) { index in
                        x: .value("X-Axis", xData[index]),
                        y: .value("Y-Axis", yData[index]) )
                .chartXAxisLabel(position: .bottom, alignment: .center)
                { Text("X-Axis")
                    .font(.system(size: 14)) }

                .chartYAxisLabel(position: .leading, alignment: .center)
                { Text("Y-Axis")
                        .font(.system(size: 14))
                        .rotationEffect(Angle(degrees: 180))
                        .frame(width: 75, height: 75)
                .chartYAxis {
                    AxisMarks(position: .leading)
struct ContentView_Previews: PreviewProvider {
    static var previews: some View {

Thank you in advance!


I think I found a solution. Place the LineMark inside a closure that uses "index.isMultiple(of: 10)". This appaers to work.

                        Chart(0..<xValues.count, id: \.self) { index in
                            if( index.isMultiple(of: 10) ) {
                                    x: .value("X-Axis", xValues[index]),
                                    y: .value("Y-Axis", yValues[index]) )
                                .lineStyle(.init(lineWidth: 1.0))   /* Set LineMark width */
                                .foregroundStyle(.white)    /* Set LineMark color */


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