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How do I get same behaviour for regular ScrollView as is in iMessages?

I mean if you reached top and load new messages, not single item is pushed down.

If I add any new item at the end index of the array, view does not pushing any items up and keep user scroll position. Hovewer when I add something at the start index, all items are pushing down.



Without any example code of what you have so far its difficult to advise correctly however a general approach to controlling position in a ScrollView would be something like this.

Firstly you'd need to define a namespace above your body property

@Namespace var messageBottom

then enclose your ScrollView in a ScrollViewReader and attach an onAppear and onChange modifier to the ForEach loop usually used for displaying messages similar to this

ScrollViewReader { proxy in
  ScrollView {
  VStack {
      // Your content here, ususally a ForEach
        .onAppear {
          withAnimation { proxy.scrollTo(messageBottom, anchor: .bottom) }
        .onChange(of: messages.count ) { count in // Change to the array name holding your messages
          if(count == messages.count) {
             withAnimation { proxy.scrollTo(messageBottom, anchor: .bottom) }

Hope this helps.


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