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How to pop a UIViewControllerRepresentable from a SwiftUI navigation stack programmatically?

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Here is my SwiftUI setup:

I have a SwiftUI view (called MapSearchView) that has a NavigationView that contains a NavigationLink.

var body: some View {
VStack {
    NavigationView {
        Form {
            Section (header: Text("Location")){
                NavigationLink (locationString, destination: GooglePlacesViewController(mapTools: $mapTools))

The NavigationLink's destination is a UIViewControllerRepresentable which wraps a GooglePlacesViewController. When I am done with my GooglePlaces search (either because I made a selection or I cancelled the search), I want to programmatically pop back to the MapSearchView.

I have tried adding the following in the UIViewControllerRepresentable (GooglePlacesViewController):

@Environment(\.presentationMode) var presentationMode
var popToPrevious : Bool = false {
    didSet {
        if popToPrevious == true {

and setting the popToPrevious to true in my Coordinator using

parent.popToPrevious = true

It does get called, but does nothing.

I have also tried in the Coordinator to call

view.viewController().navigationController.popViewController(animated: true)

(viewController() is an extension that gets the viewController for any view)

This also does nothing.




totally over thinking this its as simple as



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