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How to have fully working only-logo Apple sign in button?

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So guys I'm currently developing a social media app but the problem is I couldnt find anyway to have fully working customized only icon Apple sign in button.


What have you tried?


@roosterboy this is what I have tried...

 NavigationLink(destination: HomeView().navigationBarBackButtonHidden(true).navigationBarHidden(true), isActive: $isActive2){
                            SignInWithAppleButton(.continue) {request in

                                request.requestedScopes = [.email, .fullName]

                            } onCompletion: { result in

                                switch result {

                                case .success(let auth):

                                    switch auth.credential {
                                    case let credential as ASAuthorizationAppleIDCredential:

                                        let email =
                                        let firstName = credential.fullName?.givenName
                                        let lastName = credential.fullName?.familyName
                                        let userId = credential.user

                               = email ?? ""
                                        self.userId = userId ?? ""
                                        self.firstName = firstName ?? ""
                                        self.lastName = lastName ?? ""


                                case .failure(let error):

                            } .frame(width: UIScreen.main.bounds.width * 0.18, height: UIScreen.main.bounds.height * 0.08).signInWithAppleButtonStyle(colorScheme == .dark ? .white : .black).cornerRadius(16)



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