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SOLVED: How to get ScrollView, Picker, and TabView to play nice?

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I'm attempting to embed a Picker in a larger ScrollView that controls the content immediately below the Picker - essentially I'd like the picker to control a portion of the larger ScrollView.

The below test code mostly does that if ScrollView is commented out...obviously not ideal. Once I bring the ScrollView back to life, the TabView content vanishes. I did make it all work by encompassing the ScrollView in a geometry reader and then set the frame height to the content height, but that wasn't ideal as it seemed to add a lot of extra space unnecessarily.

I suspect there's a better way to implement this that I'm missing - maybe TabView isn't the solution? You could also use if/else statements that show views based on tabSelectedValue, with animations added to make it transition smoothly.

struct TestView: View {
    @State private var tabSelectedValue = 0

    var body: some View {
        //ScrollView {
            VStack {
                // Picker
                Picker("", selection: $tabSelectedValue) {

                // TabView
                TabView(selection: $tabSelectedValue) {
                    Text("Content for first tab")
                    Text("Content for second tab")



A number of SwiftUI built in views, including TabView, really are only meant (sadly) for their exact intended purpose: tab navigation at the bottom of the screen that looks and behaves standardly. They are not at all flexible, besides a "paging" control type look which has its own problems.

Just use a switch statement on tabSelectedValue to pick what content you want to show. If you want animation, use .animation(.easeInOut, value: tabSelectedValue) or similar on a view that contains the switch statement.


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