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How to add support for help menu in SwiftUI macOS app.

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Hello I am creating a macOS SwiftUI app using the SwiftUI app lifecycle. Normally, if you open any macOS app, it has the menu bar items on top with the last one being help. When I run my app right now and press help on the menu bar and then "(Application Name) help" it just says "Help isn't available for (Application Name)". I know about CommandGroup(replacing:) but that lets add a button with an action which wont let me display any view of some sort. How can I add support for the help button?


Boy, I really wish there were better resources that were easily findable. The closest I've found so far is this:

This page tells how to construct a "help book" out of a bunch of HTML pages, but it doesn't say how to tell Xcode to bundle that book together with the application code when building an application bundle.


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