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How to add an attribute to TextField?

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Good afternoon. Tell me how to add an attribute to the textField?

    var body: some View {
        VStack(alignment: .center) {
            TextField("\(placeholder)", text: $title)
                .frame(width: 264, height: 55, alignment: .center)
                //.font(Font.custom("SNS Medium", size: 33))
                .font(Font.custom("SF Pro Display", size: 44))
                    RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 10)


Steven commands:

Tell me how to add an attribute to the textField

I feel there is more to your command your request.

You've already added six modifiers to your TextField, background colors, frame, keyboard attributes. Nice job!

What is missing here? Please, give us a couple of more clues!


Good day, @Obelix. I am I don't know how to add kerning.

  TextField("\(placeholder)", text: $title)
                .kerning(2.0) - error


Kerning can only be applied to Text, not TextField. If you want a text field with kerning, you have to roll your own using UIViewRepresentable.


Know how to apply it.


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