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How do I navigate back N views

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I have a menu / data entry system that prsents teh following screens:

HomeView -> Page1 -> Page2 -> Page3

On Page 3 the use can commit or cancel both buttons shoule return to the Home screen....

The Home View decalres itself as s NavigationView and then uses the followin menchanism to link to the child pages:

struct NavigationBarLink<V: View, T: Hashable> : View {
    @EnvironmentObject var screenCoordinator: ScreenCoordinator

    var destination: V
    var tag: T
    var active: Bool
    @Binding var selection : T?

    var body: some View {
        ZStack {
            NavigationLink(destination: destination,
                           tag: tag,
                           selection: $selection) {
            }.hidden().frame(height: 0)
            Button("Next") {
                self.selection = self.tag

This allows me to jump back to the first linked view (i.e.Page1) but I cannot jump back to the HomeView. Is there a way to unwind the full NavigationStack?

I have also noticed that if the HomeView is a Form and the NavigationLink to Page1 is within the form the layout of the child Views is corrupted - I guess this is yet another SwiftUI bug.

Over the past month I have come to realise that SwiftUI needs a huge amount of development before it can be used in a large project.

Is there a site that has a list of the known SwiftUI bugs and worlarounds - it would be nice to know as I have wasted far too much time solving issues with the Framework


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