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How display native content after WKWebView ?

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I retrieve HTML content via an API that I display in a webview. Everything is working.

My problem comes when I want to display content other than the content of my webview after scrolling. For example by displaying a message intended for readers, or tags, ...

I can't. the content is displayed at the bottom of the screen, but not at the end of the content after scrolling.

here is a piece of my code



    //VStack {

        .padding(.top, UINavigationController.navBarPlusStatusBarHeight())
        .frame(minWidth: 0, maxWidth: .infinity, minHeight: 0, idealHeight: 500, maxHeight: .infinity, alignment: .center)

      //Text("Message after scrolling")


Thank you in advance for your help


You have maxHeight set to .infinity. Give that a smaller value like 300.



Thank your for your reply but it's not working.

I found a solution here : https://stackoverflow.com/a/59790493/12299030


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