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How can I make my View stop unnecessary rendering with using CustomType for Binding in SwiftUI?

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I hava a CustomType called AppData, and it look like this:

struct AppData {
    var stringOfText: String
    var colorOfText: Color

I am using this AppData in my Views as State or Binding, I have 2 Views in my project called: ContentView and another one called BindingView. In my BindingView I am just using Color information of AppData. And I am expecting that my BindingView render or response for Color information changes! How ever in the fact BindingView render itself even for stringOfText Which is totally unnecessary, because that data is not used in View. I thought that maybe BindingView not just considering for colorOfText but also for all package that cary this data and that is appData So I decided help BindingView to understand when it should render itself, and I make that View Equatable, But that does not helped even. Still BindingView refresh and render itself on changes of stringOfText which it is wasting of rendering. How can I solve this issue of unnecessary rendering while using CustomType.


import SwiftUI

struct ContentView: View {

    @State private var appData: AppData = AppData(stringOfText: "Hello, world!", colorOfText: Color.purple)

    var body: some View {

        print("rendering ContentView")

        return VStack(spacing: 20) {


            EquatableView(content: BindingView(appData: $appData))
            //BindingView(appData: $appData).equatable()


            Button("update stringOfText from ContentView") { appData.stringOfText += " updated"}

            Button("update colorOfText from ContentView") { appData.colorOfText = Color.red }





struct BindingView: View, Equatable {

    @Binding var appData: AppData

    var body: some View {

        print("rendering BindingView")

        return Text("123")


    static func == (lhs: BindingView, rhs: BindingView) -> Bool {
        print("Equatable function used!")
        return lhs.appData.colorOfText == rhs.appData.colorOfText



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