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How Can I Bypass Initial View and Navigate Directly to Detail View?

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I've had no problem creating a List and allowing someone to click an item in the list to navigate to a detail view. But for over a week now I've been struggling with how to navigate directly to a detail view, e.g. from a Widget's widgetURL.

List(fetchRequest.wrappedValue, id: \.self){ item in
                ItemCellView(item: item)
                        .padding(.vertical, 5)
                NavigationLink(destination: ItemDetailView(item: item)) {
                .frame(width: 0) // remove disclosure indicator
                .opacity(0) // remove disclosure indicator
        .padding(.horizontal, -20)
        .navigationBarTitle("Library (\(fetchRequest.wrappedValue.count))", displayMode: .large)

This seems to work exactly as it should. But if I want to go directly to ItemDetailView, everything starts falling apart. I've seen some people say to wrap the whole thing in a NavigationView and add .onOpenURL to that. I've seen people saying to handle it in the initial view under @main, etc. There doesn't seem to be any consensus on what I would think is a common task.


Just bumping this since it's been nearly three weeks and nobody's touched it ...


Maybe because nobody here quite sure yet.

HWS+ Ultimate Portfolio App is going to deal with widgets and hope to get a better understanding of them.


I think I have allready seen this on this project: https://github.com/Dimillian/ACHNBrowserUI


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