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Home Screen widgets and blurred background.

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hello everyone, im playing with home screen widgets for the first time today :) I have a widget displaying on my home screen.

Rather than a solid color background i would like to make it translucent. ive been reading about Material but as far as I understand Material is used to blur out the background of "my" app when a view is dispayed and not the background of the home screen.

so any tips how i can blur the background for my home screen widget?

Thank you!


ChatGPT reply 😛


You cannot, and should not, blur the home screen when your widget is displayed for two reasons. First, it is up to the user on how they want to display the home screen background. Second, why should your app get preferential treatment and blur someone else's app widget? Or what if another app wanted to blur the home screen a different amount to yours?

What you can do is set the material in background of your app's widget. That is your area. And as you have already pointed out you can blur the screen's background once the user has selected your app to run.


You just solved all of my problem. Thanks for great website


Blurring the home screen while your widget is active isn't recommended or feasible for a couple of reasons. Firstly home screen background preferences are user-driven. Secondly, it's not fair for your app to blur someone else's widget or receive special treatment. Different apps may have unique blurring needs as well.

What's within your control is to utilize the material design for your app's widget background. That's your designated space. As you've mentioned, you can consider implementing background blurring once the user selects your app to run.

Best Regards


Some really bad ChatGPT replies, one even parroting what I had said. I wonder if they will disappear, as one even mentions solutions for Android on an iOS forum.


Hello Everyone!While the widget is active, you cannot or should not blur the home screen. As a first step, the user can choose how the home screen background is displayed. The second question is, why should your app be prioritized over others and obscured from other widgets? What would happen when an application wishes to blur your home screen differently than you do?Since I had this problem with my website, which is now fixed.


Today, I'll be sharing some tips on how to create a translucent background for your home screen widgets. If you're new to playing with home screen widgets and want to give your widget a unique look, making the background translucent can be a great option.

While Material Design is commonly used to blur out the background of an app when a view is displayed, it doesn't directly apply to the home screen background. However, there's still a way to achieve a similar effect for your widget.

One approach is to use a semi-transparent background color for your widget. You can do this by setting the alpha value of the color you choose. For example, if you want a translucent white background, you can use the color code "#80FFFFFF", where the first two characters represent the alpha value.

Another option is to use a drawable resource with a translucent background. You can create a custom drawable XML file and set the background color with an alpha value. Then, apply this drawable as the background for your widget.

Remember, when using a translucent background, it's important to ensure that the content of your widget remains readable and visually appealing. Consider using contrasting colors or adjusting the text color to maintain visibility.

By following these tips, you can create a translucent background for your home screen widget and give it a unique, visually appealing look. Have fun experimenting with different colors and designs!

Regards Zulqarnain


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