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Help in creating data model and how to solve related SwiftUI issue

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Hey guys,

I'm in the middle of creating a data model for my app and need help in tackling an issue.

The setting:

  • SwiftUI app with main start grid view (select an "island") and navigation links to detail views (details for "island").
  • On the detail view there should be a horizontal scroll view filled "exercises" (which are different; some are only a view with a story, some are little games)
  • All of this should be based on json data looking like this:
        "id": 1,
        "lektionenTitel": "Glück",
        "aufInselTitel": "Was bedeutet Glück für mich?",
        "einleitungsText": "Auf der Glücksinsel findest du heraus, was Glück für dich persönlich bedeutet und was dich alles so glücklich macht.",
        "textLesson": [
                "id": 1,
                "title": "Die Geschichte der Geduld",
                "text": "ablanksajkldjasljdads"

        "selectLesson": [
                "id": 1,
                "items": ["happy", "sad"],
                "selectedItems": []


How do I put different "exercises" (textLesson, selectLesson) together into single horizontal scrollview?

phot of detail view and exercises scroll view


I didn't fully understand what you wanted to achieve with the decoded data, but simply looking at your json, this is how I would write your model

struct Model1: Codable {
    var id: Int
    var lektionenTitel: String
    var aufInselTitel: String
    var einleitungsText: String
    var textLsson: [Model2]
    var selectLesson: [Model3]

    struct Model2: Codable {
        var id: Int
        var title: String
        var text: String

    struct Model3: Codable {
        var id: Int
        var title: [String]
        var selectedItems: [String]


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