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Getting the location in the View where the user (long) tapped/pressed

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I have a scrollView with an Image, which the user can pan and zoom, like in the Apple Photos App. I would like to get the location (xy) the user long pressed (being the pixel x and pixel y coordinates of the Image).

In my UIKit app this was rather simple:

///Tap and hold to add an annotation with a location on the active image map
    @objc private func tapAndHoldImage(recognizer: UILongPressGestureRecognizer) {
        if recognizer.state == .ended {
            //Get coordinates for the mapImage and make a new annotation
            guard let mapImage = selectedMapImage else { return }
            let location = recognizer.location(in: mapImageView)

I can't seem to figure out how to achieve the same in SwiftUI. Any help appreciated!


Thanks! I need it to be a long press, but I'' go and tinkle with this a bit. Will get back here!


Sorry, been a while. I managed to get the location with a sequenced gesture. Though the numbers are roughly half what I expect to get back, perhaps a points vs pixel thing?

Here's the ImageZoomView

import SwiftUI

public struct MapImageZoomViewer: View {

    let image: UIImage

    @State private var scale: CGFloat = 1
    @State private var lastScale: CGFloat = 1

    @State private var offset: CGPoint = .zero
    @State private var lastTranslation: CGSize = .zero

    @State var longPressLocation =

    public init(image: UIImage) {
        self.image = image

    public var body: some View {
        GeometryReader { proxy in
            ZStack {
                Image(uiImage: image)
                    .aspectRatio(contentMode: .fit)
                    .offset(x: offset.x, y: offset.y)
                    .gesture(makeDragGesture(size: proxy.size))
                    .gesture(makeMagnificationGesture(size: proxy.size))
                    .gesture(makeLongPressGestureWithDragForLocation(size: proxy.size))
                            .frame(width: 50.0, height: 50.0)
            .frame(maxWidth: .infinity, maxHeight: .infinity)

    // Try and get the location where the user Long Pressed
    private func makeLongPressGestureWithDragForLocation(size: CGSize) -> some Gesture {
        LongPressGesture(minimumDuration: 1).sequenced(before: DragGesture(minimumDistance: 0, coordinateSpace: .local))
            .onEnded { value in
                switch value {
                case .second(true, let drag):
                    dPrint("Drag Location", drag?.location ?? .zero)
                    dPrint("image size", image.size)
                    longPressLocation = drag?.location ?? .zero   // capture location !!

    private func makeMagnificationGesture(size: CGSize) -> some Gesture {
            .onChanged { value in
                let delta = value / lastScale
                lastScale = value

                // To minimize jittering
                if abs(1 - delta) > 0.01 {
                    scale *= delta
            .onEnded { _ in
                lastScale = 1
                if scale < 1 {
                    withAnimation {
                        scale = 1
                adjustMaxOffset(size: size)

    private func makeDragGesture(size: CGSize) -> some Gesture {
            .onChanged { value in
                let diff = CGPoint(
                    x: value.translation.width - lastTranslation.width,
                    y: value.translation.height - lastTranslation.height
                offset = .init(x: offset.x + diff.x, y: offset.y + diff.y)
                lastTranslation = value.translation
            .onEnded { _ in
                adjustMaxOffset(size: size)

    private func adjustMaxOffset(size: CGSize) {
        let maxOffsetX = (size.width * (scale - 1)) / 2
        let maxOffsetY = (size.height * (scale - 1)) / 2

        var newOffsetX = offset.x
        var newOffsetY = offset.y

        if abs(newOffsetX) > maxOffsetX {
            newOffsetX = maxOffsetX * (abs(newOffsetX) / newOffsetX)
        if abs(newOffsetY) > maxOffsetY {
            newOffsetY = maxOffsetY * (abs(newOffsetY) / newOffsetY)

        let newOffset = CGPoint(x: newOffsetX, y: newOffsetY)
        if newOffset != offset {
            withAnimation {
                offset = newOffset
        self.lastTranslation = .zero

More exploring and thinkering to do, but it's a start ...


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