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Hi All,

Happy 2022 to you all, I hope 2022 finds you all safe and well!

I'm looking for a little advise please. I have a ScrollView with a couple of VStacks in displaying a scrolling list of items which works great, I wanted to add a bar at the bottom similar to iMessage to add to those items, now placing this inside the ScrollView obviously means it will scroll with the content which isn't what i'm after and after a bit of experimintation I found that placing the code below the scroll view gets me to where I would like to be all baring one thing... whitespace as shown here (colours are just for illistration):

The code is simply comprised of a VStack with a HStack inside and a TextField and Button, I have not set a frame height but when I do the This is a test code buts right to the top which is what I'd like for all background and elements but for some reason I cannot get the whitespace to disappear, I've even taken off spacing using spacing: 0 everywhere, change/added frame heights still the white space appears, has anybody else experienced this and if so is there a solution?

Many Thanks, Nigel

Edit: I have no idea why the image won't load inline but if you right click and open in a tab it should work, sorry.


Use .overlay(alignment:content:)

ScrollView {
    //your scroll view content
.overlay(alignment: .bottom) {
    //the content you want in your bottom bar

For example...

.overlay(alignment: .bottom) {
    HStack {
        TextField("Text goes here", text: $text)
        Button {
        } label: {
            Image(systemName: "")

bottom bar overlay


Thanks roosterboy, you my friend are a genius! I have tried solving this for hours for it to be this simple... am I right thinking that iOS's default spacing got involved in my approach and acted sort of like a safe area?


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