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SOLVED: EKEvent and ForEach

Forums > SwiftUI

So I have this Array of EKEvent,

var events: [EKEvent] { get }

Where I load the users calender event without any problem, the probem comes when I use my Foreach to try and acess the data:

ForEach(, id: \.eventIdentifier ) { event in
                HStack {
                    RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 25, style: .continuous)
                        .frame(width: 4, height: 20)
                    VStack {

Using this I can acess some of the parameters inside events, like title, calender ect. But I get error if I try to acess startDate or endDate, saying there is no such parameter inside EKCalenderItem. If i use print(event) I get:

EKEvent <0x600001508780>
     EKEvent <0x600001508780>
{    title =        Daddade; 
     location =     (null); 
     calendar =     EKCalendar <0x6000031fb840> {title = Calendar; type = Local; allowsModify = YES; color = #1BADF8;}; 
     alarms =       (null); 
     URL =          ; 
     lastModified = 2021-04-04 21:18:28 +0000; 
     startTimeZone =    Europe/Stockholm (GMT+2) offset 7200 (Daylight); 
     endTimeZone =  Europe/Stockholm (GMT+2) offset 7200 (Daylight) 
     location =     (null); 
     structuredLocation =   (null); 
     startDate =    2021-04-04 15:45:00 +0000; 
     endDate =      2021-04-04 16:45:00 +0000; 
     allDay =       0; 
     floating =     0; 
     recurrence =   (null); 
     travelTime =   (null); 
     startLocation =    (null);

I suspect it has something to do with my foreach and the id, anyone got any deas how do acess, startDate?



I remember having some issues with EKEvent in ForEach, when trying to conform it to Identifiable. However accessing start and end dates should work fine. I have this example project on GitHub where I do just that :-)


Huge thanks for that goldmine of information and inspiration!

Something is definitly wierd with EKEvent and for each, I made this:

var start: Date {

Inspired with how you handled calender color and suddenly it works.. so for sure something that is wrong there. Anyways, problem solved for me and I will reread some of your code to improve how I handle my own, huge thanks :)


I am super glad it helped! :-)


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