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SOLVED: Dynamically filtering @FetchRequest with SwiftUI + Distinct Values

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I succesfully implemented the code under the topic "Dynamically filtering @FetchRequest with SwiftUI", and works greatly.


However, I need to return only the Distinct values in the List. I do understand I should add these properties:

fetchRequest.resultType = NSDictionaryResultType;
fetchRequest.propertiesToFetch = [NSArray arrayWithObject:[[entity propertiesByName] objectForKey:@"name"]];
fetchRequest.returnsDistinctResults = YES;

But I can't seem to find th syntax on doing that in this _fetchRequest scenario.

It seema purely a syntax question, and any help is appreciated.

Thank you!


From my understanding these are properties of NSFetchRequest from CoreData not FetchRequest from SwiftUI. So you can't set these properties because they don't exist.


Instead of doing this:

init(filter: String) {
    _fetchRequest = FetchRequest<Singer>(sortDescriptors: [], predicate: NSPredicate(format: "lastName BEGINSWITH %@", filter))

You would need to use a different initializer on FetchRequest and pass in a configured NSFetchRequest that has its properties set as you need. Something like this:

//first, an extension on your managed object class
extension Singer {
    static var distinctSingers: NSFetchRequest<Singer> = {
        let request = NSFetchRequest<Singer> = Singer.fetchRequest()
        //set up the properties you need
        request.resultType = .dictionaryResultType
        request.propertiesToFetch = ["name"]
        request.returnsDistinctResults = true
        return request

//then, in your View's init:

init(filter: String) {
    let request = Singer.distinctSingers
    //add any other specialization to the request, like sort descriptors or predicates
    request.predicate = NSPredicate(format: "lastName BEGINSWITH %@", filter)
    //and then initialize the property wrapper with the request
    _fetchRequest = FetchRequest<Singer>(fetchRequest: request)


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