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Problem with Tabs under TabView "More..."

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In TabView, when it exceeds the width of device (for example, 5 on some phones), user can click on "More," to access rest of tabs.

However, for those tabs under More, it doesn't behave as well as those not in "More"

When "sheet" "popover" "alert" pop out from those tabs, dismissing the popout won't always go back to the correct one. It usually goes to the last Tab one used before. In other words, it doesn't come back to the right Tab.

Another question is that in iphone, one can use "Edit" to reorder the tabs, however, I didn't success to do so, the one outside of "More" switching back to original one within few seconds.

I have a workaround, is to passing @SceneStorage("selectedView") var selectedView: String?, and set to the "right" tab to back to before it gets dismissed.

However, it doesn't look so neat and feel more like hardcoded...

Anyone has met this before?

Thank you very much!


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