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SOLVED: Different background style for dark mode and light mode

Forums > SwiftUI

 ScrollView(.horizontal) {

                let color: HierarchicalShapeStyleModifier<BackgroundStyle>? = (colorScheme == .dark ? BackgroundStyle.background.tertiary as? HierarchicalShapeStyleModifier<BackgroundStyle> : BackgroundStyle.background.secondary as? HierarchicalShapeStyleModifier<BackgroundStyle>)

                LazyHStack {
                        .frame(width: 300, alignment: .center)
                        .frame(maxHeight: .infinity, alignment: .center)
                        .background(color!, in: .rect(cornerRadius: 20))

I have this code where I'm trying to use different .background style for dark mode and light mode. In the .background I have to force unwrap the value. How can I do it better?


Wouldn't it give you the same result?

let color = colorScheme == .dark ? Color(uiColor: .tertiarySystemBackground) : Color(uiColor: .secondarySystemBackground)

As far as I understand it is the same color. But maybe I am wrong.


You might be better to go to Assets.xcasssets file and add a new Color Set Have one color for Any Appearance and one for Dark then you can do

.background(Color("YourBackgroundColorName"), in: .rect(cornerRadius: 20))

or in iOS 17

.background(Color.YourBackgroundColorName, in: .rect(cornerRadius: 20))

And let the system take care of the colors


I found the solution:

           let color: AnyShapeStyle = colorScheme == .dark ? AnyShapeStyle(.tertiary) : AnyShapeStyle(.secondary)


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