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I am very desesperate and fuckin tired.

since last september I have tried to learn swift, i have bougth courses of udemy raywnderleich and now i am in 100 day swiftui here.

But nothing sems to click.

At the moment i am the challenge of project 7 but the challenge of day 35 i didn't do it, i have try for severar weeks. Becouse i have not succed i decided to jump forward bur challege of proyect 7 cames and the first problem i don't know how to start apart from google it .

When i am reading or following the videos i think i understan but when i am alone is like everything is erase from my mind

i don't know if my way of learning is incorrect, some one has some help/ advice???


Hi @AnZo73

I would like that you keep using professional langange when using the forum.

I see you have put question on the forum before asking about the Challenge on project 35 as Paul says

Note: Don’t worry if you don’t complete challenges in the day they were assigned – in future days you’ll find you have some time to spare here and there, so challenges are something you can return back to in the future.

Most people do do internet searches to find answer that they do not know, however SwiftUI is very new and there maybe not answer you are looking for. As to the Apple Documentation these are not easy to read but will come with time.

The other thing is not to remember everything but the way is to remember where you learned it and then refer back when you want to do it later.

Good luck and Happy coding


@AnZo73 I can assure you that everyone on this forum and everyone who is writing code today has experienced the same frustration you are experiencing, and it is indeed excruciating.

I observe in myself that my impatience to learn, to hurry to be a productive coder, actually creates some of the frustration. I want to be further along than I actually am, and so I will watch tutorials and think "That's basic stuff, I already understand it". But actually I haven't written the code, experimented with it a little, and anchored the information with my own experience - however basic. Then when I attempt something "more than basic" I'm at a loss and feel that I'm just not smart enough or whatever. Very frustrating.

I've bought so many books (and read some of them, at least partly) and signed up for courses. In fact, I subscribed to HWS+ and paid the money, mostly for the Ultimate Portfolio app training. Then I suddenly decided I wanted to be a blockchain programmer, so I paid for a Udemy course in that. I got about halfway into it and then got a reply from an iOS developer job application. So now I've switched back to Ultimate Portfolio and I'm frantically trying to learn everything immediately.

I suggest you just try to take it a bit slower and try to go through each step more thoroughly and really master even each of the simplest steps. Because each one is a building block, a foundation for the next step.

And... I should take my own advice too! Good luck and keep asking for help!


thank you for the answer.

the problem, as always is money, i have one year of savings, and i thougt at this time i will be able to do an app bay my self.

I know i lost ome time with udemy courses and procrastination (😆)but...i thought i will be far in my journey.

thank you


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