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SOLVED: Design of Core Data model and relationships

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Hey guys,

let's say I'm writing an app to manage recipes for smoothies. The user can create various ingredients (let's say fruits) and then various recipes with theese fruits.

Right now I got two entities in my Core Data model:

  • Fruit: id, name
  • Recipe: id, name

But I struggle how to set it up when I'd like to store not only that "Smoothie1" contains "apple" and "peach" but 500g of apple and 100g of peach. How do I handle this?

Thanks a lot for your help! Harry


For this one you need an additional entity. This entity (aka table) has a 1:m relationship to your Fruit and Recipe entities and one attribute field of the amount.


@Hatsushira: Thank you so much!

I've been thinking about this but was very unsure if this would be the right approach!

Greetings Harry


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