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Date in Fetch Request Predicate

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Hey there!

So basically, I'm trying to check if a date from fetch request in with the start and end of today which I get from <<Date()>> in swiftUI, but how do I do that.

I am so far unable to even store the begining of today as a date type in a constant or variable. When/if I accomplish that, how would I go about seeing if the fetched date is in between the start and end of today values?

I hope that makes sense, if you don't understand what I am asking, please ask me because I have been stuck on this problem for a long time and can't find a solution.

Thank you, RoroCoder


Here are some starting points, to consider, for your question.

You can access the date methods of Calendar

if Calendar.current.isDateInToday(<your date>) {   // <your date> is from the FetchResult
   // some code here

If you need to create your own date, you will need to use the .byAdding & .to method of

Alternatively you could also manipulate the date components directly. Here is a date function I wrote for myself.

/// Returns the fixed date and time 12:00:00 on the specified date
func middayOnDate (on date: Date) -> Date {
    var components = DateComponents()
    components.hour = 12
    components.minute = 0
    components.second = 0 = Calendar.current.component(.day, from: date)
    components.month = Calendar.current.component(.month, from: date)
    components.year = Calendar.current.component(.year, from: date)

    return ( components)!)

Hope this helps you.


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