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CoreData Sort Descriptor Not Working

Forums > SwiftUI

Hi I am using CoreData to populate a list of products. I want the list to be sorted by "make" + then "model". Seems simple but for some reason the list does not get sorted. Any Ideas What The Issue Is??

My Fetch Request Is... @FetchRequest(sortDescriptors: [ SortDescriptor(\.make), SortDescriptor(\.model) ]) var products: FetchedResults<Product>

My List Is...

`List { ForEach(products, id: .self) { product in

                            NavigationLink(destination: ProductDetailView(product: product)) {
                                HStack {
                                    Text(product.make ?? "Unknown")
                                    Text(product.model ?? "Unknown")
                            }// END OF NAV LINK
                        }// END OF FOR EACH
                        .onDelete(perform: deleteProducts)
                    }// END OF LIST
                    .frame(height: geometry.size.height * 0.62)


Could you give an example what do you get and what do you expect? Are the data types in make and model correct?


Hi make + model are both Strings.

I would expect to get... Ford Escort Ford Sierra Nissan Micra VW Golf

Instead I just get a random order.


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