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CoreData and GroupBy, how to get and use results of a .dictionaryReturnType

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Hey Folks,

I too an trying to select distinct entries from CoreData and am hoping you can help. I believe I am following the essence of @roosterboy's response from here: but my app will crash when I call for the request to be executed. If I configure my @FetchRequest as below

public class func fetchDistinctCourses(facilityID: Int32) -> NSFetchRequest<Course> {
        let request: NSFetchRequest<Course> = Course.fetchRequest()
        //request.resultType = .dictionaryResultType
        request.predicate = NSPredicate(format: "facility_id == %d", facilityID)
        request.sortDescriptors = []
        request.propertiesToFetch = ["name", "sub_name"]
        request.returnsDistinctResults = true
        request.propertiesToGroupBy = ["name", "sub_name"]
        return request

and the initializer as

init(facility: Facilities) {
        self.facility = facility
        let facilityID = Int32(self.facility.facility_id)
        let request = Course.fetchDistinctCourses(facilityID: facilityID)
        _fetchRequestCoursesByFacilityID = FetchRequest<Course>(fetchRequest: request)        

The app crashes and I get this error (which makes sense as every I've read states .resultType but be a dictionary): Thread 1: "Invalid fetch request: GROUP BY requires NSDictionaryResultType"

When I uncomment the dictionary line I am presented with this error: Thread 1: "NSFetchedResultsController does not support both change tracking and fetch request's with NSDictionaryResultType"

If it helps, at this point in my app, I am only reading from CoreData and I have no desire for the data being being changed except unpon app launch (checking for an updated data set).

Thanks in advance


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