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Converting View to UIImage problem: core data context loses persistent store coordinator

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I'm working on a SwiftUI app that uses core data. I'd like to use Paul's .snapshot extension to turn a specific view into an image. However, the resulting image doesn't have any content, and I get a purple run-time warning "Context in environment is not connected to a persistent store coordinator: <NSManagedObjectContext: 0x600000a9e3c0>"

Paul's snapshot extension:

extension View {
    func snapshot() -> UIImage {
        let controller = UIHostingController(rootView: self)
        let view = controller.view

        let targetSize = controller.view.intrinsicContentSize
        view?.bounds = CGRect(origin: .zero, size: targetSize)
        view?.backgroundColor = .clear

        let renderer = UIGraphicsImageRenderer(size: targetSize)

        return renderer.image { _ in
            view?.drawHierarchy(in: controller.view.bounds, afterScreenUpdates: true)

The runtime warning is on the controller.view.intrinsicContentSize line.

I've done the 100 Days of SwiftUI, but not Swift, so I've got no familiarity with UIKit. As I read what's happening, when I create a new UIHostingController it appears to keep the managed object context, but that context loses reference to the NSPersistentContainer.

The snapshot extension works fine for me if I use it with any other view that doesn't include core data, so I know Paul's code is fine. Can anyone help me understand how to fix this? I think I want to create a UIHostingController with it's own NSPersistentContainer, but maybe someone fluent in UIKit can understand what's going wrong.

I've tried this:

        let context = PersistenceController.shared.container.viewContext
        let rootView = self
            .environment(\.managedObjectContext, context)

But then I get a runtime error because the rootView seems to have lost the rest of the environmentObjects. Does creating a UIHostingController wipe out the environment and environmentObjects?

I've also tried the newer ImageRenderer in iOS16, and I get the same runtime warning that "Context in environment is not connected to a persistent store coordinator"

extension View {
    func snapshot() -> UIImage {
        if #available(iOS 16.0, *) {
            let renderer = ImageRenderer(content: self)
            return renderer.uiImage!
        } else {
            return UIImage(systemName: "questionark")!


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