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ClosedRanged<Int> of range (-Int.max...Int.max-1) for Stepper View Crashes App

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struct ContentView: View {
    @State private var quantity = -Int.max
    var body: some View {
        Form {
            Stepper("\(quantity)", value: $quantity, in: -Int.max...Int.max-1)

As stated above, this range crashes the app. However, to my knowledge it should be able to handle the range (-Int.max...Int.max-1).

I would very much appreciate the explanation behind this occurrence.

Thank you.


@nowroz found an interesting error!

However, to my knowledge it should be able to handle the range (-Int.max...Int.max-1).

Here's a test case. The Stepper works with a range of Int32 values. You can create a range with full Int values, but it crashes the app as you demonstrated.

However, if you substitute Int64 in the code below, you receive a different error. The error states:

Distance is not representable in Int

This isn't documented as far as I can tell.

struct LargeRangeTestView: View {
    // Change Int32 to Int64 yields this error:
    // --> Distance is not representable in Int

    @State private var stepperValue:Int32  = 0
    var startRange                         = Int32.min
    var endRange                           = Int32.max
    var veryLargeRange: ClosedRange<Int32> {startRange...endRange}

    // Can we make a Closed Range with a full Int?
    // This line does not crash the app.
    // But cannot be included in a Stepper.
    var hugeRange: ClosedRange<Int> { Int.min...Int.max }

    var body: some View {
        VStack {
            Text("Large Range Test").font(.largeTitle)
                Text("Min: \(startRange)")
                Text("Max: \(endRange)")
            Text("Value: \(stepperValue)").font(.title).padding(.vertical)
            Stepper(value: $stepperValue, in: veryLargeRange) {
                Text("Large Range")
         .onAppear{ stepperValue = startRange }



Yes, I've noticed the different error when I explicitly typed Int64 just to be sure.


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