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challenge day 35

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I have made this structs becouse i want to do a global model. In the initial view the user enters al the data, the you push the start button and go to the question rowview

struct Question {
    let problem: String
    let answer: String


struct Game {
    let score: Int = 0
    var numberOfCuestions: [String] = ["5", "10", "20", "All"]
    var tableOfMultip: Int = 0
    var problem: String = ""
    var product: String = ""

   mutating func createTableOfMult(table a: Int) -> [Question]{
        var question = [Question]()

        for i in 1...12{
            problem = "(\(a) * \(i))"
            product = "\(a * i)"
        question.append(Question(problem: problem, answer: product))

        return question

but when i use on to create the cuestion row in a separate view i get the error : No exact matches in call to initializer

import SwiftUI

struct QuestionRow: View {
    @Binding var game: Game
    @State private var  answer = ""
    var body: some View {

        ZStack {

            HStack {
                Text(game.createTableOfMult(table: game.tableOfMultip)) //No exact matches in call to initializer 
                    .padding([.top, .leading, .bottom])
                TextField(/*@START_MENU_TOKEN@*/"Placeholder"/*@END_MENU_TOKEN@*/, text: $answer)
                    .frame(width: 100, height: 100)
//                    .background(questions)
            .font(.system(size: 48, weight: .regular, design: .monospaced))




struct QuestionRow_Previews: PreviewProvider {
    static private var game = Binding.constant(Game())
    static var previews: some View {

        QuestionRow(game: game)

does someone know why?


Text requires a String, which could be characters or a string interpolation.

If you change

Text(game.createTableOfMult(table: game.tableOfMultip))


Text("\(game.createTableOfMult(table: game.tableOfMultip))")

You will now get a different error, because what game.createTableOfMult is providing is a [Question] not a string.

Providing some way for Text to be able to handle [Question] would be a way forward. Possibly writing an extension to Text.


i dont know how to do that, and i have search


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